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Summer fruits

The warmer weather has ripened Strawberries in the garden. Any berries that don't quite make the grade, I make into 'one pot' jam. An idea taken from a friend of mine which dispelled the myth of having to make pots and pots in one go. I find that approximately 200gms of fruit, 100gms of jam sugar and a bit of lemon juice make an average size jar. Small amounts mean that you can experiment with combinations. Rhubarb and Strawberry, Strawberry with Elderflowers (combed in at the last minute), Rhubarb, Strawberry and Elderflower. The Elderflowers add a lovely delicate flavour and the flowers suspended in the jam look pretty too. I use Sweet Cicely leaves, finely chopped, to Rhubarb dishes. It reduces the need for sugar as it takes away the tartness of the fruit.

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