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Batworthy Botanicals is an environmentally friendly Herb Nursery based on the edge of Dartmoor. We specialise in insect friendly plants, and in pursuit of plastic free living have created a wool alternative to the plastic plant pot.

We believe in functional gardening, our range of chemical free herbs not only enriches your garden with colours and scents, each holds medicinal or culinary properties. Traditionally gardens served the household, we want to help you return to this and move away from chemically raised plants.

Photo: herbs in the garden


Alongside herbs, Batworthy Botanicals offers felted artwork and the "Shoddy Pot", our felted answer to the plastic pot. Wool from our mixed flock of Dartmoor Whitefaces and Scottish Blackfaces is felted together into strong pots of various sizes, used from propagation to planting. 


Photo: Variegated Sage and Fennel in Shoddy pots

The very best wool is saved and used to create felted art pieces.


Photo: Design inspired by White Horse Hill

We also offer the chance to retreat from the stresses of modern living, with two rooms set in a classic coach house on the very edge of Dartmoor.


Photo: The Coach House



To view the art and herbs available, please use the navigation tabs above, or check out our social media for current projects ; Instagram @batworthybotanicals  Facebook @batworthybotanicals

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Stitchwort on bank Batworthy
feeding sheep Nov 22 2015
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