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Growing up on an Exmoor Farm, and later relocating with my family to a Dartmoor Hill Farm when I was a teenager, immersed me into the natural world and shaped my love of adventure and wilderness. At 18 I left home and completed a BA degree in Landscape Architecture at Leeds, which informed much of my environmental knowledge. Wanting to pursue a more practical lifestyle, I took up gardening jobs including work at Stone Lane Gardens (Birch and Alder Arboretum). At this time I also worked as a photographer and completed a second degree, BA Hons in Graphic Design at London College of Printing.

After a few years life took a different turn, I returned to Dartmoor to help take on the farm. At the time it was primarily beef and sheep, using the common land for grazing.

Many years later I found myself farming on my own with two young children. I continued with the sheep but changed to rearing  turkeys for Christmas. By this time the farm had converted to being fully organic with the Soil Association, so I was rearing turkeys for Riverford.

The farm was entered into environmental agreements, under which a lot of work was undertaken to restore hedges, banks and walls. The hedge planting I did myself, planting thousands of indigenous trees. The trees were planted onto banks, my main concern was that they would dry out in the summer. Over the years I used my entire wool clip on mulching the trees that I had planted. Even in the driest times, the earth under the wool would still be damp. The wool mulch also helped to supress weeds and gave the trees a natural boost of slow release nitrogen and other nutrients. Even at 1200' the trees grew well, the last two winters I have begun the process of laying the hedges.

Once again I found myself at a crossroads and needing to change what I did. No longer wanting to continue producing hundreds of turkeys for Christmas I started out on a new venture. Using my accumulated skills I started an Organic Herb Nursery, using wool in the propagation process to cut down on the need for plastic, in an effort to make the gardening process more ecological.



Me and Star with ;
Me with B christmas
feeding sheep Nov 22 2015
Elinor and Bea in snow 2009
Shearing time 2015
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