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The farm, surrounded by moorland and ancient bronze age monuments, lies at 1200' . The River Teign forms one boundary. The fields, all permenant pasture for environmental and archealogical reasons, range from hay medows to species rich grazing, to scrub. The steep slopes down to the river are wooded with minimal input. Each internal stone boundary has either old stands of beech trees growing on top or newly planted mixed hedging. A shelter belt to the southwest was planted in the 1960's, but unfortuneately planted with the wrong type of trees. Strong winds have played havoc, felling many conifers over the last few years. I am clearing what falls, allowing the gaps to regenerate naturally, hoping for indigenous trees to colonise. A very long process. The farm is part of agri-environmental agreements which resticts what can or can't be done.


Once farming Beef cattle and Sheep, I changed to Christmas Turkeys and Sheep, now in the process of Herbs and Sheep.The farm was registered in 1999 as Organic with the Soil Association. At first grass production fell, but as more clover established, production rose again. Now the fields are a glorious sight of flowering meadows. The sheep graze the common in the summer as the farm has historical grazing rights. This brings it's own challenges, as it is not always easy to find them. Shepharding is done on horseback with my two sheepdogs, Sparrow and Jay.


Dogs waiting in storm Feb 6 2016 (2)
P1000919 (2)
Tree shadows 5 Jan 2016
Me and Star with ;
Lambert with twins 2001
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