Shoddy pots provide an easy to use, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pots. Gardening focuses on caring for our land, so I created a pot that is better for our planet, the plant and you. Using organic wool from my own flock, these hand felted pots are placed straight into the soil, thus preventing root damage during planting. If you prefer your herbs close at hand they can be placed around the kitchen or patio without fear of them becoming root bound, as the roots can push through the wool. The shoddy pot slowly releases nitrogen, and other trace elements to nourish your plant. They also reduce your watering time and protect your plant on hot days as the wool retains water, up to 30% of it's body weight.


Add a touch of Dartmoor into your life through my range of hand felted hangings, banners, hats and decorations. Beautiful and warming, each piece enlivens the home or person. For personalised banners and decorations, or to commission a piece, please get in touch via the contact page. A few samples are shown in the shop.

Below are some examples of the felt art pieces I have designed and created. Each unique piece is heavily inspired by Dartmoor, created in wool from the sheep that graze the land, they depict scenes witnessed over my lifetime on the moor.

deer in woods.jpg
Horse and pattern
Banner scarlet and Happy New Year
Range of pots and herbs
Star hat
Banner Casa.....