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Ginger man

During the autumn and winter months I make a daily brew of fresh ginger root and lemon juice. Ginger is a diaphoretic, promotes sweating and helps the body to warm from within. Combined with lemon juice it helps to keep colds at bay. It is also thought to boost your immune system. Closely related, Tumeric is also a good remedy. Ginger is also thought to help with digestive problems and naseau. It has been used for centuries to help inflammation. Many studies are being carried out into the health benefits of Ginger to help alleviate various diseases, including oesteoporisis, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

My work requires me to be out in the wet and cold, often for hours. I make a tea every morning, before I face the day. I can feel it's warmth as I drink, it is definitely a great kickstart.

To make: Finely cut up a small slice of fresh ginger root. Place in cup and pour in just boiled water. Let it steep for a few minutes, add fresh lemon juice and honey (if required).

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