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Clouds of Stitchwort

Greater Stitchwort

Throughout May and June clouds of Greater Stitchwort can be found nodding in the breeze. In this area they are usually found on banks and in hedgerows as they prefer drier conditions.

'Wort' is a clue in plant names as it was used to describe plants that were used medicinally or for food. So literally Stitchwort was used to cure the 'Stitch'. The leaves and flowers can also be used in salads. However it is said that fairies protect the plant, anyone who gathers it will be 'fairy led' into bogs and thickets! In Devon the flowers of Stitchwort are known as Pixies - so beware!

There are many folk names associated with the plant: Dead Man's Bone and Old Nick's Ribs describe it's brittle stems, Nanny Crackers and Snap Jack the popping seeds, Daddy's Shirt Buttons used as poor man's buttonholes, to name a few.

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