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Star R.I.P.

A very sad day as I had my old horse Star put down. Before I went to view her I had a strange dream about finding the infamous horse Winnie who belonged to the Highwayman Tom Faggus inthe book Lorna Doone. As a child I grew up on Exmoor opposite the church Lorna was shot in. (In a strange twist R.D.Blackmore got his inspiration from a true story attached to Chagford Church, which is my local church) The story played a huge part in my childhood imagination. Winnie was known as the Strawberry Mare and lo and behold when I went to meet Star she was a Strawberry Roan. So it goes without saying that I bought her! She was an extradinary horse, great fun, a sweet temperament but also very naughty. She turned out to be the most amazing shepherding horse. I bought home many a sheep and ill lambs on her back, rescued from the moor and river. She has been retired now for a few years due to lameness, but I will miss her cheerful presence in the yard.

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