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Lambing a bit slow this year, a steady trickle of lambs being born which means that it is easy to keep pace. The dry cold weather makes day to day jobs easy to cope with (not struggling to shut gates in the storms etc) but also means that the grass is not growing. Luckily I have a lot of haylage to feed hungry mouths. It is great to be able to turn out the lambs quickly. They go out during the day but I still get them in at night to keep them safe from foxes.

I let them out at about 7am having checked and fed the ewes still to lamb, there is a big rush out of the the barn and a run around the field before settling down. As they get older and stronger I will move them onto fields further away.

In between times I am planting trees (which involves digging up seedlings that I find under exsisting hedgerows, Beech, Crab Apple and Ash) and trying to finish my first order of 50 pots.

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